Act 1 Edit

[Scene: Li'l D's bedroom. Li'l D's alarm clock rings.]
Alarm Clock: Wake up, li'l buddy! Wake up, li'l buddy! Wake up, li'l buddy!
[Li'l D stops the alarm and checks the time: seven o'clock.]
Li'l D: Oh, man, school starts in three minutes!
[Time lapse. Scene: city sidewalk. Li'l D, wielding a skateboard, sprints down the sidewalk.]
Li'l D: A minute and forty-five left. Lookin' good!
[Li'l D attempts to skateboard his way to class, but a truck intercepts and stops in his path, forcing the boy to stop immediately. On the truck is Mr. Salieri's campaign for the title of teacher of the year.]
Mr. Salieri: Vote for me, Mr. Salieri, for Atlanta's teacher of the year. I have a ponytail.
[Glaring at Mr. Salieri, Li'l D crosses the street. Mr. Salieri flings a pin at Li'l D and proceeds to continue campaigning elsewhere. Further down the sidewalk, Li'l D's walk comes to another halt because of a crowd gathered to hear another teacher campaign for teacher of the year.]
Mr. Bohr: (unenthusiastic) If you're looking for a dynamic teacher, look no further. In college, I studied fluid dynamics and thermodynamics.
[Li'l D forces his way through the crowd.]
Mr. Bohr: Vote Mr. Bohr for teacher of the year. Hold for applause.
[Having traversed the mass of people, Li'l D now dons several pins.]
Mr. Bohr: (to a nearby man) How long should I hold?
[Li'l D continues sprinting, but a parade of elephants hinders the student, the parade being the campaign of another teacher, Mr. Barnum.]
Mr. Barnum: (via bullphone) Ladies and gentlemen, school board members of all ages, vote Barnum for Atlanta's teacher of the year. He's the greatest teacher on Earth.
Li'l D: Come on; come on; come on——
[A passing elephant affixes pins and ribbons on Li'l D, who angrily continues walking.]
[Scene: Westley. The school bell rings, and immediately afterward, Li'l D storms into the music room and shakes the unwanted campaign material off his body.]
Li'l D: Y'all ain't gonna believe what happened to me.
Kim: [Covered in campaign gear] We might.
Madison: Wah wah wah. What? Somebody had to say it.
[Enter Sunny.]
Sunny: Hey, party people. Sorry I'm late—had a little car trouble on the way over here.
[Cutaway. One of Mr. Barnum's marching elephants stomps on Sunny's car.]
Sunny: Hey, man! I had the right of way!
[Music room.]
Sunny: Apparently, pachyderms aren't familiar with some of our traffic laws around here.
[Cutaway. A marching elephant marches over a police car.]
[Music room. Sunny tries to sit but jumps, startled. He picks up a "Vote Barnum" pin.]
Li'l D: Hey, Sunny, how come you ain't running for teacher of the year? You the greatest teacher ever!
[Barring Tamika, the other students express their agreement with Li'l D's statement.]
Sunny: Aw, appreciate that, li'l man, and winning would be quite an honor, but I got teaching to do. I ain't got time to be campaigning.
Li'l D: We could campaign for you—we got nothing but time.
Sunny: Ah, forget it, y'all. The nominations are in just a couple of days, and y'all seen how out there some of these campaigns can get.