Pincipal Luna

Principal Luna

Principal Luna is the main antagonist of the series.


He is the principal at Westley School for the Performing Arts. He is of Hispanic descent. He has a tendency to over-use the word "fantastic" and is always trying to make money for the school. He has a crush on the substitute lunch lady, Ms. Squattinchowder. He owns 36 out of the only known 37 of a rare type of spatula. Luna tries to rival Sunny for coolness. He is voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett.


  • Principal Luna has trouble with his hearing.
  • He is shown to be selfish in "Study Buddies".


  • I felt fine after those mimes start waving their pom-poms.
  • Yes we cannot.
  • Your students are fantastic.
  • My name is Principal Luna. You stole my woman. Prepare to fry!
  • Cannonball!

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