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The Class of 3000 Christmas Special




9 - 10

Air Date

December 21, 2007

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The Class of 3000 Christmas Special is the ninth and tenth episodes in Season 2 of Class of 3000.

Part 1Edit

Lil' D enters a contest to win a Xtra, a popular gaming console. After a contest to earn one, it is destroyed. He goes around asking his friends, but they can't get him one. Eddie gets Santa to visit Tamika for the whole day. Sunny sees Santa and is furious at him, so Lil' D thinks Santa will get him one if he helps Sunny forgive him. Sunny tells Lil' D about how Santa gave him the wrong skates for a rollerskating party.

Part 2Edit

Santa tells Sunny he can be his head elf, but Lil' D puts too much weight on the sleigh and it crashes. Back at the workshop the elves panic and destroy the toys. Lil' D and his friends save Santa and fix the toys. Lil' D in the end got an Xtra.


  • Songs:
  1. Gimme Toys!
  2. Santa's in Trouble
  3. Christmas is Being Here Together


  • At the end of the episode is a montage of all the events that happened throughout the series.
  • This is the series' Christmas special, and it's the first one hour length episode since the series pilot "Home".
  • Tamika kisses Eddie in this episode, implying that she possibly has feelings for him similar to how Eddie does.
  • This is the only episode where Philly Phil is not wearing his headband.
  • It is revealed that Kam believes in Bigfoot.


  • Santa: Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas, Sunny Bridges!
  • Philly Phil: I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.
    Eddie: Just like the one you used to know?
  • Kam: Give me a break. That is just some guy in a red suit with a fake beard.
    Tamika: Of course it's just some guy in a red suit.
  • Kam: Come on, Tamika. I really think you don't believe in Santa.
    Kim: Oh no. Now you done it.
    Tamika: What you say?
  • Madison: I bet I know what you can get Tamika for Christmas.
    Eddie: Is it 12 drummers drummin'?
  • Sunny: Well, I love me some Christmas.
    Lil' D: Yeah, I can see that.
  • Lil' D: This is a CD of your cat meowin' Christmas carol.
    Madison: Uh-huh. Just like you wanted.
  • Elf: Woo Hoo! I am outta here.
  • Kim: Philly Phil, what are you doing?
    Philly Phil: (tongue sticking out) Catching snowflakes with my tongue.
    Kim: Those aren't snowflakes.
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